“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” - Thich Nhát Hanh


Mindful practice is about evolving your awareness, of self (introspection) and of the people and the world around you. One aspect of training that is rarely talked about is the spiritual aspect of training. One of the most profound benefits of regular conscious exercise is that it elevates your frequency. What is your frequency? Your frequency is the energy that you omit. That energy interacts with everything around you and it’s strength is determined by a number of variables including sufficient rest, proper nourishment, regular exercise, stretching (yoga), and meditation. I would contend that most people want to be happy and successful. If that’s the case then more people should be engaging in the aforementioned practices. When you integrate these mindful practices into your lifestyle you begin to will see that things in your life will start falling into place with relative ease. This isn’t mere coincidence. It’s a response to you aligning yourself with the universal flow of energy around you! In time your process will become more and more seamless and you will eventually experience synchronicity; the process of your body, mind and spirit operating as one cohesive unit. Top performers refer to this phenomenon as “the zone.” One of my goals as your practitioner is to help you implement these mindful practices into your daily routine and to help you elevate your frequency so that you can operate at your greatest potential and attract the lifestyle that you want and deserve. Namaste.