The Elev8ed Method is more of a lifestyle than a wellness program. I recognize that your long term success requires sound information / solid science, a support community, and ongoing professional guidance. My mission is to positively impact 1 million lives through holistic living and conscious movement. The premise of this program is to help clients achieve their fitness goals and to provide them with the tools to fulfill their true potential.

As a wellness practitioner, my primary goal is to assist you with your physical goals.  In the process, and to ensure long-term, sustainable results, I encourage psychological and spiritual development.  When we synchronize our body, mind, and spirit in balance, we vibrate on a higher frequency.  We find ourselves happier, healthier, and far more productive when all three elements are exercised consistently.  The decision to exercise begins in our minds, our bodies execute the vision, and our spirits compel us to see it through.


We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Elliot

I take a unique approach to training by re-conditioning my clients from the inside out.  Before I impose any external pressure onto the client's body, the first thing that I do is teach my clients how to breathe and isolate specific muscles more effectively.


While it is not uncommon for people new to exercise to get hurt shortly after beginning a new workout regimen, we are able to avoid injury entirely by teaching proper training progressions.  Lasting results and injury avoidance are achieved by tailoring workouts conducive to each individual's health background and current lifestyle.  Long-term sustainable results derive from the consistent application of smart science, specific to individual needs. 

We are here to help you maximize your investment into yourself.



Proper breathing technique determines the strength of each muscle contraction and helps to focus on and isolate specific muscle groups in training.  Traditional personal training imposes outside resistance onto the body as the initial step, but I teach clients how to fortify their core and joint stabilizing muscles first.


Breath is often taken for granted, but at The Elev8ed Method, we help bring awareness to the importance of breathing techniques in training.  Proper breathing technique is a science and, when properly employed, specific muscle groups can be isolated to project maximum force per repetition, which relates to faster more specific results.  Understanding how to utilize effective breathing technique in training is essential to any successful program

We teach how to consciously, deeply INHALE and then consciously, fluidly EXHALE. to help unlock your power.