Functional Conditioning is the practice of training the body in a way that's supportive of the individuals lifestyle. Functional conditioning helps people that are sedentary and generally de-conditioned allowing us to re-train natural human movement, creating long-term change and enhancing the quality of our clients lives. 


Corrective Care is essentially post rehab conditioning. It's primarily used to assist people in their recovery but we also utilize corrective care techniques as preventative health care. Our goal with corrective care is to heal the body from any previous injuries and then to fortify the body to prepare it for increased external pressure.


Today people are living longer than ever before. One of the challenges that we face with this growing older population is persistent pain from years of physical dysfunction. Understanding that the primary cause for injury in this population is loss of balance, our senior care program emphasizes stability, balance and range of motion training. 


This is your FINAL WEIGHT LOSS DESTINATION! When you join the Elev8ed Method program you will get all of the support and guidance that you need to be successful for life. People often ask whats different about my program…

The most direct answer is that I am a practitioner. I am not merely a personal trainer. I am 100% invested in elevating your wellbeing. Working with me is an internal / external experience. Unlike most “trainers” today, I focus on the whole person because after 25 years of training I’ve realized that most people want long-term sustainable results. You don’t achieve long-term sustainable results by taking short cuts or by dismissing entire components in the process. You achieve said goals by embracing and committing to the entire process. People who lose the weight and gain it all back and who seem to be stuck on the perpetual hamster wheel do so for one or more of the following reasons…

  • They’re not fully committed to the process

  • They take '“short cuts”

  • They never address the psychological inhibitors that block them from following through

  • They take a band aid to a bullet wound approach

  • They don’t trust the process

  • They are stubborn and don’t take direction from professionals

You can spend the rest of your life trying to guess your way to optimal wellbeing OR you van do what my most successful clients (life & business) do. Every single one of my wealthy, successful clients does the same thing. They all have this one thing in common. They all recognize areas where they are deficient and (rather than pretending to be the expert) they humbly acknowledge that they need help and they seek out qualified professionals to guide them to success. They don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel. They don’t naively believe that they can “figure it out” on their own. No, they are absolutely, brutally honest about the fact that they need help, because their intention is to be as efficient as possible. Successful people are all about streamlining and systems. When your’e receiving professional guidance from a Master Trainer, your job is to show up and apply the information. That’s IT! You don’t have to spend countless hours reading through kinesiology reviews because I’ve already done that work for you…to the tune of 25+ years! Help me Help you! Contact me today so that we can start working through these essential components and transform your LIFE FOREVER!!!