Samantha R. 

We originally hired Rance from Grind Fitness to lose weight and look amazing for our wedding. We soon realized we were in worse shape than we thought. In the first session Rance was able to tailor fit a workout that’s helping us not only lose weight, but also gain muscle and range of motion. He also helped us find a healthy nutrition plan to maximize our weight loss. I’ve had trainers before, but I’ve never had the results, or the positive and healthy support that I’ve gotten working with Rance at Grind Fitness.


Josh S. 

Rance at Grind Fitness is the best! My fiancée and I started training with him to get in shape for our wedding, and in two months we’ve made a ton of progress. Rance created a workout program specifically for us, and helped us choose a meal plan to meet our goals. I’ve lost a lot of weight and feel more confident than ever. Thanks Rance!!

Mary E.

"As a holistic nutritionist, nutrition science research writer, educator and speaker who is living her passion in her business, I cheer for those doing the same in helping others transform their health, creating a powerful paradigm shift that results in higher living on all levels. Rance is definitely one such person changing the world for the better, helping people awaken to life's new possibilities, one-by-one! For those of us in the vibrant health professions, it is essential to be an example of one's own teachings, and Rance shines through on this. I am honored to be an associate and look forward to seeing Rance continue to expand his dynamic presence. Rance truly cares about people, and word-of-mouth about his advanced expertise is traveling fast!"


Faith P.

“Rance is an amazing trainer/coach! He focuses on your specific wants/needs. He truly cares about his clients, and pushes you both physically as well as mentally. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in bettering their mind, body, and soul.”

Laini G.

If you are ready to ELEVATE your health and fitness, look no further!  Rance is the perfect coach for anyone who has a sincere desire and commitment to becoming “happier, healthier and more fit”. Rance has an amazing ability to inspire and motivate others through his knowledge, innovative ideas, positive attitude and energetic spirit. His energy and passion for helping others along their path to better health and fitness are contagious and inspirational.  His unique set of skills and talents allow him to personalize his approach to meet the needs of his individual clients and to make the entire process not only enjoyable, but fun.
As a professional, Rance keeps himself informed and up to date with the latest in science, fitness, health and wellness. As a mentor, he lives what he teaches and is continually striving to become his best and then shares that knowledge to help others.  As a motivator and coach, he is thoughtful, intentional and compassionate.  He truly cares about each of his clients and wants them to succeed.  He challenges and inspires them as they work toward reaching their goals.
I have worked with many trainers and coaches and Rance is truly one of the best!    He challenged and motivated me, but more importantly he took the time to get to know me, which meant that he better understood what I needed in my workouts, nutrition guidance and coaching.  He inspired me to be my best and helped me achieve goals that I didn't think were possible!
Keep up the great work Rance!  And Keep it Moving!!!

Kelly G.

I met Rance over 3 years ago and it changed my life.   I was overweight,  deconditioned and had never worked out on a regular basis before.  Rance helped me to stay focused.  He taught me so much about working out properly,  the importance of stretching and pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible.  I lost the weight,  and got into the best shape ever in my life.  Rance was an absolute pleasure to work with and I expect I will work with him again in the future.

Kito W.

I trained with Rance when I was in high school and he was an awesome trainer then. He was a major part of me earning multiple collegiate athletic scholarships. Now we fast forward to 11 years after college. I had put on sooooo much weight. I have been working with Rance for about 8 months now and I have lost 92lbs! As a trainer Rance is uber knowledgeable and he caters to his clients personalities, abilities and disabilities. Every time we train I feel like I'm being taken care of by a friend who cares about me and my health. I couldn't see myself working with any other trainer after the results I've gotten and the bond that I have formed with Rance! I highly recommend him!

Jordan R.

Rance is always motivated to help me and others with their fitness goals.  He is dedicated to his craft and it shows by his wealth of knowledge of nutrition and body sculpting.  If I ever have any dietary questions I know he's available to field my call and answer to the best of his ability or refer me if need be.  I recommend taking advantage of his services and be ready for an intense workout!

Mary E.

I have known Rance for many years, and have witnessed how very expert he is at training and encouraging his clientele. His vast knowledge, his passion for living and sincerely caring for others is the direct result of practicing what he teaches, as his health vibrancy radiates everywhere he goes. Follow Rance, and you, too will experience what he accurately calls living life "Elevated".

Carol K.

I had gained 40 pounds and was recovering from a back injury when I hired Rance. That was the best choice I could have made. His focus on proper form allowed me to recover strength and flexibility without re-injuring my back, and his positive reinforcement and nutritional suggestions made a huge difference in my sticking to my weight loss and fitness goals. He is a very knowledgeable and dedicated personal trainer, and I've just signed up with him again to get in even better shape.

Cheryl B.

At first I'll admit I was a bit intimidated, but shortly after working out with Rance I realized just how wonderful he was at his job!  He uses tough love, motivating me and pushing me to work as hard as I can to get to my goals. I also loved that he was knowledgeable with all my questions about nutrition.  After Rance, I have truly changed my way of living, and I feel so much better!

Monique C.

I've worked with Rance for a couple months now and cannot recommend him highly enough.  He's amazing with all levels of fitness. Rance truly cares for his clients and is dedicated to helping others feel and look good! Whats great about his services is that he's a mobile personal trainer. He can just as easily go to your home, to your office or meet you at the gym for training. How awesome is that? We need more trainers like him!

Jenny G.

Do you ever leave the gym and lose your car? hahaha! That's how I feel every time I train with Rance...and its not bad thing. Let me explain...when I worked with trainers before, I got a decent workout, but I never really felt like I do with Rance. Maybe its just because he knows the body better than most trainers or has more experience...IDK. What I do know is that I've never made so much progress in such a short period of time. We've trained for 3 months and I've lost 30lbs and 12% body fat. Rance is really good at what he does! I've already referred him to my friends.

John B.

Rance is the best trainer in the Bay Area. I've worked with several trainers throughout the years, so I feel like I have a sense of what good training is. Although I was happy with the results that I got working with other trainers, Rance is the only trainer that I've ever worked with that took the time to really teach me how to train properly. With my other trainers, I found that I would work hard and I liked how I felt (for the most part) but I never walked away from a trainer feeling like I could do it on my own. Rance does a really good job of communicating with his clients in a way that they can absorb the information and use it in then own time. I really appreciate that he cares enough about me to teach me, rather than just telling me what to do.

Shemantha M.

If you are looking for someone who not only is knowledgable about all aspects of fitness, is personable and will push you beyond what you thought were you limits... then Rance is the guy for you. He cares about who you are and strives to make you better! I highly recommend him!

Hannah W.

We all know that getting your life, getting your body back in shape can be a really hard thing to do. I fell off the 'any form of consistent exercise bandwagon' eleven years ago. My 40th birthday came and went, new years resolutions came and went...another day, another week, another month...

Then I found Rance. Actually he found me and continued to support me through the decision to get up and get going again...
What an amazing personal trainer, and i emphasize personal, as everything is just that, PERSONAL.
Catered to YOUR needs and abilities.Not only does he have extensive knowledge of body mechanics and how the muscle mind works, how to target fat, and support the unmotivated drag ( you and i both know...its a healthy body  that we must have to support  living), he has a kind bedside manner that embraces, molds and mends the entire you.
As your body finds balance and reconnection from both his methods, mentoring and exercises ( a different way to go about this than i have ever seen and done in past gym/personal training history), You might find  new abilities, connect with old memories.
I have been seeing Rance for three weeks and with his dedication in assisting me in all ways mentioned above...to push me, to teach me, to support me, i have seen and feel life changing... Changes/Success within my BODY , MIND, SPIRIT!

There is nothing more i can say..TREAT yourself, LOVE yourself ...