Here is the uncut truth about weight loss in America. The fact of the matter is that we live in a capitalist society where people die every single day simply because they don’t have access to the right information. If that statement doesn’t give you pause or cause you shake your head, you may not be paying attention. The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! It’s important for consumers to understand this because what it means unfortunately is that while there have been many positive developments in the industry, there is massive temptation for anyone devoid of a moral compass to manipulate unsuspecting consumers. Many of the so called “experts” that people are buying products and services from couldn’t care less about your wellbeing. What they really care about is separating you from your money. You see, it’s fairly easy for fitness marketers to play on your emotions because there is so much information floating around. Unless you’ve studied kinesiology or exercise physiology as I have, you’re likely spending A LOT of your time hoping and guessing. Perhaps you follow someone online who LOOKS amazing. I mean, if they look great, they must know what they’re doing right? WRONG!!!

I can’t stress this enough! Exercise is a science. You cannot guess your way through sustainable fitness. You cannot (as many men that I meet like to assume) just do whatever you did when you were a teenager and expect to get the same results. There are a multitude of variables involved in your ongoing development. In order to create long-term sustainable results, you have to address…

  1. Your health and medical history

    • What is your physical background? Have you been active or sedentary most of your life? Do you have any injuries that would inhibit you from exercising effectively?

  2. Your current psychological state

    • The FIRST component in my program is psychological. If we don’t address your perception of self, your commitment to yourself and any potential triggers that you might derail you, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of frustration.

  3. Your eating patterns / habits

    • How many calories are you consuming everyday? What is the quality of the food and liquids that you’re consuming? How often are you intaking calories? What is your relationship with food? Do you eat for satiety or function? Do you understand the difference between a diet and a meal plan?

  4. Your range of motion / flexibility

    • Are you flexible or inflexible? How often do you stretch? Do you know how to stretch properly?

  5. Your stamina / endurance

    • What is your lung capacity? How often do you do cardiovascular exercise? Do you know how to access fat as a primary source of energy when you do cardio?

  6. Your baseline strength

    • Is your body functional? Can you perform the basic, fundamental movements required for you to effectively transform? Can you perform a basic squat, push-up, lunge and pull-up? Can you hold plank for 1 minute?

  7. Your Process

    • Are you trying to guess your way through proper health & fitness or are you making better use of your resources by aligning with and hiring a professional who can help expedite your process, while ensuring that you avoid unnecessary injury?


The Elev8ed Method is a comprehensive wellness program that meets clients where they are and provides them with tried and tested, progressive weight loss strategies that create long-term sustainable results. There are millions of “weight loss”programs out there that are more fluff than substance. They soften the blow because they think that the TRUTH will send you running. The reality is this, you will never achieve and MAINTAIN a dramatic transformation UNTIL YOU COMMIT TO THE PROCESS!!! Most programs today attempt to sell people on the notion that you can achieve amazing results without doing all of the work. Before you waste more time, money and energy on another fruitless program, ask yourself this question… “Why is your trainer trying to sell you on the idea that you can achieve greatness doing half or some of the work, when they clearly didn’t skip out on any of the steps in their own process?”

The Elev8ed Method will provide you with all of the information and support (online and over the phone) that you need to be successful; not the gimmicks or the emotionally loaded sales pitches, just the scientific facts regarding your very unique process. We will teach you how to…

1. How to breathe properly

  • Has anyone EVER talked to you at length about the importance of proper breathing technique? In all the years that you’ve been working out, has any trainer EVER explained when and how to breathe to yield better, more specific results? In over 25 years of training, I have (no exaggeration) met two other trainers who understood and taught proper breathing technique. Two.

2. How to shift your self image (if you don’t already know how amazing you are)

  • This step is critical to the success of the entire program. One of the areas where I distinguish myself is through my approach. Most trainers operate in an external / internal fashion . They take you into the gym and they start imposing external pressure onto your body before they properly assess both your physical and psychological wellbeing. This is a HUGE mistake because if you’re not really committed to the process or if you have psychological inhibitors that are unresolved, you can waste time and money. Without a proper view of ones self, you are destined to sabotage your own process.

3. How to master proper form and range of motion

  • I get calls and texts on a regular basis from clients who are elated that they made the investment to work with me because now whenever they train in groups or with other trainers, they see a massive difference. Most trainers are just trainers…you get a megaphone and a bunch of movements that you never really remember how to do. I empower my clients by providing them with detailed instructions for every single movement. My thought process is, “if I teach you what the primary muscles are, and how to isolate and contract those muscles effectively, it enables you to get optimal results because there’s real physiological change that occurs when you think about what you’re doing when you move.

4. How to change your relationship with food

  • You are a vast compilation of atoms, or potential energy. How that energy is cultivated and ultimately used depends a lot on what type of food we eat. Food after all is fuel. We will show you which high quality foods you need to integrate into your daily intake and how to eat to manipulate your metabolism to work for you and not against you.

5. Which supplements to take and which ones you should absolutely avoid

  • The reality is that most supplements (hate to burst your bubble) are PURE placebo. Yup, its all in your head folks! There are some supplement companies that operate with integrity and they produce quality supplements that actually do what they claim to do. I’ll help you cut through the garbage and get straight to the small handful of supplements that you actually need to function at the highest level possible.

6. How to foam roll and stretch properly

  • A HUGE component of your success is your flexibility / rehab. I will walk you through foam rolling and other myofascial techniques. In addition, I will also be teaching you active and dynamic flexibility to prepare you for your workouts and static flexibility techniques to bring your body back to balance during and after your workouts.

This is your FINAL WEIGHT LOSS DESTINATION! When you join the Elev8ed Method program you will get all of the support and guidance that you need to be successful for life. People often ask whats different about my program…

The most direct answer is that I am a practitioner. I am not merely a personal trainer. I am 100% invested in elevating your wellbeing. Working with me is an internal / external experience. Unlike most “trainers” today, I focus on the whole person because after 25 years of training I’ve realized that most people want long-term sustainable results. You don’t achieve long-term sustainable results by taking short cuts or by dismissing entire components in the process. You achieve said goals by embracing and committing to the entire process. People who lose the weight and gain it all back and who seem to be stuck on the perpetual hamster wheel do so for one or more of the following reasons…

  • They’re not fully committed to the process

  • They take '“short cuts”

  • They never address the psychological inhibitors that block them from following through

  • They take a band aid to a bullet wound approach

  • They don’t trust the process

  • They are stubborn and don’t take direction from professionals

You can spend the rest of your life trying to guess your way to optimal wellbeing OR you van do what my most successful clients (life & business) do. Every single one of my wealthy, successful clients does the same thing. They all have this one thing in common. They all recognize areas where they are deficient and (rather than pretending to be the expert) they humbly acknowledge that they need help and they seek out qualified professionals to guide them to success. They don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel. They don’t naively believe that they can “figure it out” on their own. No, they are absolutely, brutally honest about the fact that they need help, because their intention is to be as efficient as possible. Successful people are all about streamlining and systems. When your’e receiving professional guidance from a Master Trainer, your job is to show up and apply the information. That’s IT! You don’t have to spend countless hours reading through kinesiology reviews because I’ve already done that work for you…to the tune of 25+ years! Help me Help you! Contact me today so that we can start working through these essential components and transform your LIFE FOREVER!!!